See-through packaging White Line by VP Medical Packaging

Good penetration of sterilising agent, high mechanical strengths, for sterilisation at 134°C

Our innovative flat see-through pouches "White Line" are made of a combination of transparent film laminate and porous polypropylene based material. They were specially designed for heavy and bulky medical devices that require a specific protection.


  • innovative bottom web 90 g/m2 polyolefin based material combines properties of nonwovens and polymer films
  • meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and EN 868
  • printing of indicators according to customer requirements
  • smooth and fibre-free peelability
  • good penetration of the sterilising agent
  • high microbial barrier performance


"White Line" is used flexibly for the packaging of single use and reusable medical devices, such as:

  • kits and trays
  • surgical packs
  • heavy and bulky devices

Sterilisation methods

  • steam
  • ethylene oxide
  • formaldehyde
  • plasma

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Special inquiry
Article No. Size in cm (width x length) Imprint of indicators Pack (pcs.) Remember
3FKFB245120 18 x 41 STEAM, EO, PLASMA 500
3FKFB245125 22 x 65 STEAM, EO, PLASMA 500
3FKFB245130 25 x 45 STEAM, EO, PLASMA 500
3FKFB245140 32 x 59 STEAM, EO, PLASMA 500
3FKFB245150 37 x 40,5 STEAM, EO, PLASMA 500
3FKFB245170 43 x 52 STEAM, EO, PLASMA 500