Shelf life of 10 years for DuPont Tyvek® pouch

A shelf life of 10 years for medical Tyvek® materials – DuPont has been delivering extensive proof of this for some time now.

But despite this, the shelf life of Tyvek® pouches is often only designated with a 5-year shelf life by the manufacturers.

A shelf-life of 10 years for VP Medical Packaging Tyvek® pouches

We at VP Medical Packaging, on the other hand, have set the goal for ourselves of making the 10-year shelf life specified for the material fully available to our customers, while taking into account the various applications, of course. And that goes for our pouches as well.

Longer durability with the same level of safety

With the help of new test and climatic chambers, we conduct extensive ageing studies that also include special storage conditions such as temperature and humidity. This allows us to ensure that the 10-year track record of tried-and-tested ageing resistance of the Tyvek® material is also fully applied to the Tyvek® pouches we produce, without compromising on safety, of course!


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