New in the product range of VP Medical Packaging: Pouches and reels made of Tyvek® 40L

VP Medical Packaging now manufactures pouches and reels made of the new DuPont material Tyvek® 40L.

This material is especially suited for lightweight devices with higher demands to the packaging regarding puncture and tear resistance. It has an excellent performance with ethylene oxide (EO) and gamma radiation sterilisation.

Manufactured by VP Medical Packaging, pouches and reels made of Tyvek® 40L comply with all requirements for sophisticated medical and pharmaceutical packaging: Due to the material structure, the contents are well protected, even when roughly handled. Even under harsh conditions, sterility is maintained until point of use. A clean peel and low particle density are additional advantages of this material.

For packaging made of Tyvek® 40L, VP Medical Packaging offers an individual design of the pouches, depending on the application and customer specifications. Furthermore, printing in up to 6 colours is possible.

Since more than 40 years, VP Medical Packaging manufactures medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Together with our customers, we develop the ideal packaging solution for every product. Tyvek® 40L adds to the existing product range of packaging materials, such as medical paper, medical film composites, Tyvek® 1073B, aluminium composites and White Line.

For more information regarding Tyvek® 40L, please visit the website of DuPont™.


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