125 years of great packaging

A success story with a future

Founded in 1896, the Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken (VP) is now in its fourth generation as a successful family business. For 125 years, our historic company has stood for innovative, high quality products.

We are all celebrating! 47 years of our Medical Packaging – safety and quality ‘Made in Germany’

In 1974 VP established the Medical Packaging business unit. 47 years later we are proud to say that Medical Packaging is an attractive, profitable, dynamic growth area in the VP Group and, as a supplier of top quality sterile barrier systems for the medical device industry, it plays an ever more important role worldwide. Our wide range of product lines and innovative product development, and our cleanroom manufacturing, rigorous scientific monitoring and end-to-end traceability are a guarantee of the quality of our medical packaging, proven through the generations.

From traditional to modern - milestones in the development of our Medical Packaging, and on into a successful future

  • 1977: Start of fasson heat seal coating
  • 1992: ISO 9001 certification for Medical Packaging
  • 1993: Start of grid coating
  • 1996: Start of the first manufacturing machines with multi-use capability / Inauguration of new cleanroom production (Class 8)
  • 1998: Established the Indicator Systems subsidiary
  • 2009: Headerbag production
  • 2011: Start of synthetic cold seal coating
  • 2012: VP Group reaches 100% climate neutrality
  • 2014: 40 years anniversary of our business unit Medical Packaging and stericlin® / VP Group joins the Association of Businesses for Climate Protection
  • 2016: Start of individual lamination project / Medical business areas split into two units: Medical Packaging and stericlin®
  • 2017: ISO 13485 certification / Production of new White Line products
  • 2021: Inauguration of new cleanroom production (Class 7)

Into the future with confidence
VP Medical Packaging has always followed a path of steady advancement and change – from its beginnings as a coatings company through to being a business operating across the world, manufacturing almost every type of packaging material for the medical sector. VP Medical Packaging is about so much more than just paper!
2020 was not a straightforward year for us. Coronavirus presented enormous challenges not just for society but also for our health services. In spite of this, we were not diverted from our course – VP pitched in with energy and played a large part in supplying packaging materials for Corona-associated products.
Environmental protection has long been not just a slogan for us, but a future-oriented responsibility, which the whole VP Group is fully committed to. The ongoing search for energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions is for us embodied in our company culture. The Vereinigten Papierwarenfabriken was active from early on in pursuing a more sustainable approach to the environment and our resources. All VP Group sites have been climate neutral since 2012.

Keep moving – we will keep the momentum going into the future too!
We are, of course, committed to ongoing investment in our production processes. And for this reason, 2021 is not ‘just’ our anniversary year, but also the year when we inaugurate our new cleanroom production (Class 7) – another step to improve safety for our customers!